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Digital Factory DTF Desktop Edition Software V10
Turn your Epson Desktop Printer into a Profit Center.

Ultra-fast RIP processing, even with multiple job queues, which you can configure according to the printer, inks and layouts.

Compatible with modified Epson L1800 and L805 printers included in our DTF printer packs (A4 and A3 sizes).

Maximum optimisation of printer and ink efficiency.

Very simple, user-friendly interface with quick responsiveness.

Includes CMYK + White drivers, specially created for L1800 and L805 printers.

Real-time nozzle checks, automatic printhead cleaning, and maintenance alert notifications.

Several preview modes: white layer (choke), colour layer, colour replacement, final result, print preview.

Pre-set print modes with the possibility to manually adjust the parameters by creating a template. 


Supports countless vector and pixel file formats such as bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, ping, tif, tiff, psd, svg, ps, tmp, eps, ai and pdf.

Image editing through GIMP, a free software similar to Photoshop and optimised to interact comfortably with the RIP without exiting the programme.

Create patterns based on images to achieve full-print personalisation.

You may arrange your designs manually or automatically on the same page, with the possibility of copying the same design for a personalisation run. Generate copies of your design in matrix mode using rows and columns to fill the area of the film.

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